Frequently Asked Questions
Appraisal Just £99!

So if I spend my money on an inspection, how do I know it will SAVE me money?
When you return your vehicle it is the finance company responsibility to make the most money it can selling your vehicle in the second-hand market.
If your vehicle has damage that will cause the residual value to be less than the finance house would have anticipated.  Therefore, they will look to make the difference up in repairs.  In some cases, they may not even have the repairs done!  The charges that the finance company put on repairs will always be based on the vehicle having the repairs undertaken at a main dealer, which will be the most expensive in the market place.  If you have an EndoF appraisal done on your vehicle, you will be able to decide yourself if you are prepared to pay the main dealer costs for repairs or shop around and have the work carried out cheaper.  Also, you may think you need to have repairs done, and in fact they may be just be covered under the guidance of “fair wear and tear” and therefore you can save yourself money by not having the work done.  Either way.  You are in the driving seat and saving yourself money.

How does this all work then?
We come to you or you bring it one if our approved inspection stations, we carry out a full detailed inspection and you will be sent a report of RED, AMBER and GREEN, telling you what is a must to get done before going back, what is border line (up to you weather you get it done or chance it) and what you can leave as falling under BVRLA fair wear and tear.  You can have the work done by anybody you want - just remember that you will pay twice for shoddy repairs! Lease companies will not accept repairs that are badly done and charge you for them anyway. So, it is best to choose a company on recommendation. There may be some repairs that you are able to carry out yourself - you will be advised about these on your fair wear and tear inspection.

What is the BVRLA fair wear & tear guide?
This guide is the Lease Industry's standard guide for judging if any damage to your car is acceptable wear and tear. As well as acting as a guide for many lease companies, it also offers advice and information to holders of lease cars. Details of where to get the Fair Wear & Tear Guide can be found here mon our website.

Why pay someone to tell me what I already know? I know what damage I have.
Our inspections are carried out in fine detail doing over 200 point checks, we follow the same procedure that the recharge team will when they collect your vehicle. We look in places and at things you wouldn’t even think they would inspect i.e. under your wheel arches.
Most arguments are about the damage people didn't even know they had, or damage they thought they had dealt with.  Tiny dents, small scratches and previous body repairs are amongst the things that people don't notice, but these can lead to the biggest bills from the recharge team, they can also be the cheapest to get fixed before going back.

Do you repair the car, or can I take it elsewhere?
We are not a garage, you can get the work done anywhere as long as it is done to an acceptable standard. You may even wish to do certain jobs yourself - A stone chip touched in could save you money, and you may also wish to roll your sleeves up and do the valet. For more serious jobs such as bodywork damage, we suggest that you choose a company on recommendation rather than on cheapest prices! The lease company inspectors will not accept badly done repairs. We will point out badly done repairs that will not pass inspection.

Don't the lease company only take a quick look around, so why go to all the trouble?
A lot of people are under the impression that when cars are returned they are given just a quick look over... and this is often the case when they collect it from you. They then tell you everything is okay, you are then asked to sign, and the car is taken away. This happens to a lot of people and they assume this is the inspection. It isn't! The car is usually collected by a delivery driver who does give the car a quick look over and gets you to sign for the condition just to prove he didn't cause any serious damage. 
The actual inspection takes place later, by a trained inspector. Some companies have them fully inspected twice to make sure all is covered.
This seems to cause a lot of confusion among the lease company's customers, many of whom contact us and say, "They have sent me a large bill for damage, but the man who picked it up inspected it and said it was okay".

Don't they miss loads of stuff?
No they don't. It's not impossible that something might get missed, but it's certainly not something you should count on... these days inspectors are looking very carefully, and a lot of the lease companies charge the damage back the inspectors if they miss it, so they are sure to go over it in fine detail.

If my car is dirty, won't it hide the damage?
All vehicles must be clean before inspection. If the car is dirty, they will clean it before the inspection, and you may be charged for the cost of the clean under the terms of your contract -- you agreed to give it back in a clean condition.

Do I claim on my insurance?
You can claim for repairs to be done through your insurance, just remember that you can't make one claim for all the damage to your car! Each area of damage is a separate accident and must be claimed for separately, and you will have to pay excess on each. Some insurance companies will have required you to report the accidents as they happened or within a specified period.
Remember that if you claim, especially if you decide to make multiple claims, you will lose your no-claims-bonus, maybe not now but you will pay for it somewhere down the line. If you are covered by your company insurance, bare in mind that you may wish to leave or insure another vehicle and they will ask for proof of previous claims. If you have made several claims, even for fairly minor car-park damage, this could cost you hundreds of pounds a year.

Do I have to book my car in? (People turn up without an appointment)
You can call or contact us via our live chat (at the bottom of this page) for free advice. But if you want to have an inspection you will have to book in via our website or giving us a call 0800 4701123.

Can I change my booking?
Yes, please see our T&C to see how you change or cancel your appraisal.

Do you come to us?
Yes- When booking we can come to any allocated address to carry out the appraisal.

Where does my lease car go when its collected?
Once your vehicle is collected it is usually taken back to a company to have an in-depth inspection, although it can sometimes be taken straight to auction however, someone will inspect it again prior to auction. 

Once my vehicle has been collected can I get it back?
No - unfortunately once your vehicle has been collected it is to late to readdress any issues with you vehicle.

I have a full maintenance package with my lease vehicle, but forgot to do a service what do I do?
If you have missed a service, you should call your local dealer and get it booked in ASAP, so they can bring the service history of the vehicle up to date.

What happens if I do not service my vehicle within my leasing period?
If you do not carry out a service, your warranty may be void, which could cost you in the long run if any problems occur within the first 3 years of having the vehicle.

I have gone over my mileage allowance what do I do now?
You can pay the overage (the cost per mile will be drawn out in your original agreement) or you can purchase the vehicle outright at the end of the leasing deal or extent the deal for another year and try and lower your mileage to balance it out. 

What happens if I have a private registration plate on my vehicle?
You should contact the DVLA and remove it from your vehicle prior to the vehicle return date.  Your plate can then be put on retention until your new vehicle arrives.

What happens if I have customised/modified my lease vehicle?
The vehicle should be restored to its original prior to being collected.

If you’ve any further question, please do contact us via our Chat box link – we’re here to help!